In the new millennium, education is undergoing a revolutionized change regarding science & technology, globalization, privatization, urbanization, industrialization, etc. In addition, today’s children and youth are facing many emerging social, emotional, physical and psychological issues and once mature, they come across cut-throat competition, unemployment, lack of job security and other challenges.
Young minds are being considered as the most productive members of the society due to their physical and intellectual capability. But in real scenario, most of them are unable to utilize their potential in an appropriate way due to lack of guidance and motivation. Social problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, smoking, juvenile delinquency and anti-social acts have to a large extent caused an adverse effect on them.
Zaridi Afrika firmly believes this new challenge requires an immediate and effective response from a socially responsible system of education. We are of the opinion that education is very important but the content and method of knowledge impartation is critical. Therefore, the cardinal focus of Zaridi Afrika is to create an extraordinary emphasis on developing skills in children, teens and young people, as they are the cardinal building blocks for a dynamic citizen, who can cope up with future challenges, and survive.
Altogether, Zaridi Afrika has recognized the fact that it is necessary for our programs to develop scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas, and hence, has made life-skills education a compulsory element of what we do.
The concept and achievements of Zaridi Afrika has attracted a lot of positive responses from parents especially after understanding our role in the lives of their kids and society. This includes;
1. Enhancement of critical thinking abilities.
2. Increase in mental and physical health, pro-social behavior and decrease in behavioral, social problems & self-destructive behaviors.
3. Improvement of interpersonal relationships and reduction in aggression.
4. Avoidance of a wide range of problems such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, violence, bullying and promoting self-confidence and self- esteem.
5. Helping children, teens and young people achieve their goals, strengthen their abilities and meet the needs and demands of the present society.
6. Equipping them with all necessary skills, information and the know-how required to survive in our rapidly changing post-modern and globalized world.
The programs offered by Zaridi Afrika utilizes a behavior development approach designed to address a balance in three main areas:
Our training takes into account psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help young people make the right decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner. It has been felt, that life-skills education bridges the gap between basic functioning and capabilities.