Zaridi Afrika’s mantle is to equip children and teens of the 21st century with crucial skills and the technical know-how to becoming independent, productive, innovative, responsible and ethical members of society. Our well-thought-out programs prime these vibrant kids to be confident decision makers ready to make a positive contribution in their local communities and society at large.

Upcoming Project


On the 5th of May 2021, Zaridi Afrika held a career development project where children and teens who aspire to be pilots got an opportunity to be mentored and trained on the basics of Aviation.

Captain Kariuki Ikua, a highly experienced pilot, carried out an in-depth orientation as the kids bombarded him with questions of all kinds.

Our goal as Zaridi Afrika is to ensure career planning is simplified through matching skills, interests and utilizing psychometric tests to help children and teens understand their strengths. With various corporations already on board to support us, we are confident that we'll be able to mentor our participants in all possible career fields.

Upcoming Project


The 10th of April was a special day for Zaridi Afrika. Marking 6 months since our inception, we were privileged to carry out yet another successful project involving training on self-defense and emergency preparedness and response.

The kids and teens had a lot of fun and showed immense interest in the above topics. The young girls were amused by the simple and doable self-defense techniques as the boys displayed their bravery during execution of the various self-protection strategies.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, whether as a result of an incident or accident, those vulnerable are our children. Zaridi Afrika realizes this and during the project, the kids were educated on how to prevent and respond to the numerous emergencies they face around home and school environments. Such are; choking, drowning, pyrexia, asthmatic attacks, burns, poisoning, knocks and bruises, electrical injuries, falls and bleeding.

As we continue working tirelessly to mold the next generation of smart, independent, productive, innovative, responsible and ethical members of society, we assure all parents, guardians and the general public of our utmost professionalism and integrity. Zaridi Afrika – We Are The Future!

Upcoming Project


Having aced the first project we were eager to hold the second, which we did on the 02nd of January, 2021. The day kicked off with a counselling session from one of our highly qualified professionals, Mrs. Lucy Gachenia who held an interesting talk on peer group influence.
Madam Florence Kanjiru came next with home management skills which included table etiquette. The boys and girls in attendance showed exceptional response to the programs offered as they asked many questions and displayed a great deal of eagerness to learn.

After lunch break the girls were privileged to receive an educative talk on menstruation and menstrual hygiene from the Chief Executive Officer of Keeping a girl in school, a local community based organization that majors on such girl-child prevalent matters. As we concluded the 8-hour project, Mr. Ian Mwathi who serves also as our Operations Director, trained the teens on crucial water safety procedures. Zaridi Afrika – We Are The Future!

Upcoming Project


This initial project served as our official launch and was held on the 16th of November, 2020, at Fahari Gardens Hotel, a 3 star facility in Embakasi East Constituency. With more than fifteen (15) participants, it was exceedingly encouraging and of great motivation to our team as we witnessed the potential this initiative displayed.

In this specific project, Mr. Willy Korir, a nutritionist with extensive experience managed to guide the kids and teens concerning the basics of healthy living and eating right. After an exciting session of board games, Mr. Ramadhan Waweru, a fitness coach with over 25 years in the field proceeded to guide the participants on the importance of regular work-outs, physical activity and demonstrated a number of simple exercises that the kids can carry out around their home environments.

Since the concept of fun and entertainment is a major part of what we do, the young people got a chance to play many educative field games and subsequently concluded the day with a training session on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Zaridi Afrika – We Are The Future!