Frequently Asked Questions


We saw the need and urgency of enrolling children and teens in mentorship, life-skills training and guidance programs. Our programs offer children, teens and youth an opportunity to attain the necessary knowledge, confidence, character, mindset and skills required to thrive in our changing post-modern and globalized world.

Yes, Zaridi Afrika is a legal, registered company operating under strict adherence to the laws of Kenya.

Once a project is confirmed by our Board of Directors, a poster of the relevant project will be available on our website and all official Zaridi Afrika social media platforms. All pertinent information concerning the project will be on the poster. Only official members of Zaridi Afrika will receive personal invitation letters to projects through mail or call. (Check requirements for membership under “Membership Section” of our website)

Affirmative! We always set stringent age guidelines in accordance to the nature of the program offered on a specific project. This is because the content of each training/mentorship program varies and it is only professional of us to ensure that all participants are in the correct age bracket fitting such a program.

Once interested in a certain project the parent/guardian should take the following steps:
  1. Download, read through, sign, scan and send back the parental consent form (downloads section of our website) to
  2. Our team will contact the parent/guardian to confirm that the form is filled correctly with all requirements met.
  3. The parent/guardian will make the necessary payment through the options given on our poster/website.
  4. He/she is thereafter required to forward the payment confirmation message to +254112096064 or
  5. We shall acknowledge receipt and offer the parent/guardian a formal acceptance letter.

It is a standard operating procedure of Zaridi Afrika to contact all parents/guardians at least 24 hours prior to the project day. We do this to have a final discussion concerning the upcoming day’s schedule and to confirm that the child/teen is still available and fit to participate.

Negative. Unfortunately we only allow the parent/guardian to drop-off the kid at our advertised, secure drop-off points with strict consideration of time. Once the project is over the parent/guardian is also expected to pick-up his/her child/teen at the same venue.

Zaridi Afrika aims to kick start getaways and long-distance tours where the children and teens will spend a few days. This is in line with our goal to always include fun and enjoyable activities in our projects as we take the kids and young people through our programs. During such getaway projects, the parents/guardians will be briefed on all procedures beforehand.

At Zaridi Afrika we are committed to ensuring that all our members of staff are certified professionals with adverse experience in their field of operation. We also perform comprehensive background checks on all staff, subject them to regular training and at all times guarantee that everyone working under us relates well with children and young people. To find more information on this kindly read through our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (Downloads Section).

Yes the fee includes food, snacks and anything else that will ensure the well-being of all children, teens and young people.

During all projects, the safety and well-being of all participants is our first and main priority. We are utterly dedicated to following all Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines in line with prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

We strictly do not take nor publish pictures of children, teens and young people without official consent of their parents/guardians.

Membership shall be open to any parents/guardians willing to enroll their children, teens and young adults in the membership benefits of Zaridi Afrika. The idea behind membership is to offer children and teens a more personalized approach with a clear intention to address their needs, interests and aspirations when need be. A child, teen or young adult enrolled in our membership shall enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Shall attend all our tours, projects and programs at no cost.
  2. Shall receive individual counselling sessions by our counsellors at the request of the parent/guardian on any day and time.
  3. Shall be allocated to a personal mentor.
  4. Shall receive career guidance mentorship by our professionals and get enrolled to a career development program at the request of the parent/guardian.
  5. Parents/guardians shall attend Zaridi Afrika Parental seminars at no cost.
  6. In accordance to the age of the child, he/she shall be put into online supervised groups which he/she can interact with fellow age mates concerning various matters e.g. education.
  7. Shall attend our monthly family BBQ Sunday at no cost.

Membership shall be in the following categories:
  1. Platinum Members
  2. Gold Members
  3. Silver Members
PLATINUM 1-7 KES. 20,000 / USD 200
GOLD 2,3,4,5&6 KES. 10,000 / USD 100
SILVER 5,6&7 KES. 5,000 / USD 50
Kindly download the membership form for your referral and consideration.

Zaridi Afrika has incorporated various austere procedures and measures to make certain that the security of all children, teens and young people is tight. Our Chief Security Officer works closely with all members of staff to warrant all safety protocols and procedures are followed at all times with stern emergency response briefings executed before and after all projects.

Zaridi Afrika does not tolerate bullying in any form. To mitigate against such behavior every effort will be made to supervise and brief all juniors on this issue. Our staff & volunteers will actively observe the behavior of individuals and groups and promote an open environment where children and teens can voice any concerns they may have. Refer to article 5.7 of our safeguarding policy and procedures.

Not really. During all tours, projects and activities, ensure your child is dressed decently to fit the occasion. Due to the possibility of drastic weather changes ensure he/she comes prepared with warm clothing.

If a coach, parent/guardian, member of staff or volunteer has a concern about the welfare of a child, or the conduct of another child/young person or an adult (whether they are a parent, coach, staff, or otherwise), these concerns should be brought to the attention of the Company Welfare Officer without delay. The person reporting the concern is not required to decide whether abuse has occurred, but simply has a duty to pass their concerns and any relevant information to the Welfare Officer. Please refer to article 2 of our safeguarding policy and procedures.

 Once a child, teen or young person completes all levels of a particular program, he/she is awarded a certificate of participation. All initial participants are however gifted a new branded Zaridi Afrika t-shirt.

All personal information provided to Zaridi Afrika will be held securely in the Secretary’s office and only authorized persons will be permitted to access and use such information. All concerns/allegations will be dealt with confidentially by the company and information will only be shared on a need to know basis, either internally or externally depending on the nature/seriousness of the concern/allegation.

Zaridi Afrika has a reputable record of no incidents or accidents but in such a scenario, our priority is mainly the safety and well-being of the involved persons. Our drivers, team and members of staff are always briefed on the procedures to follow in the occurrence of such an event in coordination with the parents/guardians. An incident/accident form is then filled and all necessary official channels followed to ensure that such a phenomenon will not happen again.